13 Most unique and  romantic marriage proposals for 2021

13 Most unique and romantic marriage proposals for 2021

Step-By-Step Guide to Marriage Proposals

The man knelt down on one knee, took out a box containing the ring, and asked the woman an’s consent to spend the rest of his life with him. This proposal is still used as the most classic way to date. However, today’s women may want more provocative, romantic, and more innovative ways to propose marriage, or even not follow this procedure at all. Here are some of the most perfect ways to propose marriage.

1-Ascend to the top If your girlfriend is sporty: you can propose to her at the highest point of the mountain after a day of climbing. Other possible methods include mid-air when parachuting, deep-sea when diving, and so on.

2- Video table to make a video to propose to her can move her heart, especially if you can watch this video with her. She will jump up with joy and will be a honeymoon with you immediately

3- A more open way to “snatch” in the air is to take advantage of your chance to fly together. You can ask the captain to communicate your proposal to the girlfriend around you through a radio call system. For example, you can ask the captain to say, “We are flying over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and we can reach our destination in almost 40 minutes. By the way, Anna, Li Ke asks if he is fortunate enough to marry you. ” In the eyes, I believe that what you get is only a “will” and, of course, a safe landing.

4-Imagine that she was driving home on the highway. The advertisement of leather shoes on the billboard in front of it suddenly changed to “Lulu, would you marry me?” This will certainly make your proposal more effective. Not only that, the vehicles coming and going will understand your mind and bless you with success. They also wish your Lulu don’t hit the sign because of being too excited.

5- On the screen, you barely agree to accompany her to watch the latest super romance movie. Just before the film officially started, a supplement with only one line of subtitles was displayed: “Maya, would you like to be my wife?” Although you won’t win an Academy Award for carefully directing this film, at least it will be used as a romantic scene. Recorded in the “history of the cinema”.

6-Radio flirting If you know she will listen to a certain radio program at a certain fixed time every day, the on-demand method will definitely win her favour.

7- Moonlight Sonata: takes your lover to the beach and swimming pool. You who have changed your swimsuit can perform “Moonlight Sonata”.

8- Beachside whispers: Use the beautiful and romantic sea creatures to convey your pledge of love. It is the most romantic way to use beautiful surroundings. When the moonlight is spreading by the sea, you can put the wedding diamond ring in the exquisite shell from the local Give it to the indigenous child, she will be moved by your romantic feelings.

9-The lucky star of love wrote tens of thousands of reasons to love her, folded into lucky stars, filled a glass bottle, and gave it to her. In the future, find out all the reasons to spend time with her reading the love you wrote down. One day, you seem to inadvertently find out the star that has your promise of love-a wedding diamond ring. Open it in front of her and say what you want to say, she promises that you will look handsome!

10– Happy Birthday It is also a good way to propose to her on her birthday. Another advantage of this is that she will probably not notice that you forgot to bring her a birthday present.

11-Electronic marriage proposal We live in the Internet era, so we must learn to use high technology. So why not send her a proposal email with a big question mark?

12. Surprise Valentine’s Day: Since each Valentine’s Day is a Valentine card, roses and chocolates, why not give her the greatest expression of love on the next Valentine’s Day-ask her to marry him? In this way, your girlfriend will answer The festival is never forgotten The only downside is that on Valentine’s Day after that, you will find it hard to find a gift that is comparable to this one.

13- It may not be her favourite thing to watch a ball game on the court, but think about it, rest for 15 minutes at the stadium-that happy 15 minutes, with the stadium’s big screen, the entire stadium will see you kneeling on her Before. It is not easy for tens of thousands of people to see the expression of your love at the same time, and it will certainly make her remember for life. As long as you have the heart, use your wedding diamond ring to express your ideas in a colourful way. How to let the bright diamonds contaminate your wisdom, make her never forget, and say to you willingly: ‘I do!” It depends on your ability!

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