The Great Gifts for New Moms That She’ll Actually Use

When a new baby is born, we immediately run to the store to give great gifts for new moms.

It’s a lovely and sweet detail, which is often repeated with every ‘little one’: frogs and clothes for the first few months are plentiful (who can resist buying some lovely baby socks?), and practical gifts are scarce,

which is precisely what new dads need in this new phase. Little things for the baby can be found quickly, a few clothes, diapers, baby care products. But what do you give the new mother? Should you give her anything at all?

When giving great gifts for new moms, it is important not to lose sight of the family situation: is it a new mother, or does the ‘little one’ already have older siblings to inherit things from? Is it a traveling family, or will they be spending many hours at home? How will the parents share out the parental leave?

great gifts for new mom
great gifts for new moms

Nursing shawl 

This nursing shawl is a great gift for new moms! Versatile and practical, it offers privacy while breastfeeding. Wear it as a scarf, a tunic, use it as a baby blanket, or on the carriage to protect it from the sun. There are so many ways to enjoy it!

cream anti-stretch marks

This stretch mark cream is essential care for pregnant women’s skin! Its combination of ingredients helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks and will keep skin hydrated, resilient, and elastic,

Bassinet Portable Baby Bed

a must-have gift for every new mom is super practical and has so many compartments; it acts as a travel bassinet With a travel bed, changing pad, stroller organizer, roomy interior, easy-access pockets and more in one stylish bag,

Spa Gift Baskets for New Women

Young mothers will be delighted to receive this spa basket, Beloved Lavender Essential Oil & Roman Chamomile. Luxurious Shampoo, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Bath Caviar, Handmade Soap, all in beloved Lavender scent, a great gifts for new moms

Smart Digital Photo Frame

Share your photos and videos with your baby directly from smartphones with easy-to-use App, or any device using Web Browser from anywhere and anytime. stay connected with your wife and your baby


Personalized Necklace with baby’s name

it’s a sweet and memorable gift for new mom; it can be personalized with the date of birth, the baby’s first name, or even with a lovely message.

Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

the new moms spend many hours sitting, sleeping the baby, cuddling and in each breastfeeding so she needs a rocking chair that will relieve back and waist fatigue effectively and bring an ultimate massage experience.

it comes with a remote control which allows you to determine the massaging mode, zone, time and intensity at your will.

comfortable pajama set

the new mom is going to spend many hours at home, so it is better to be comfortable with leggings that fit on the waistband, and breathable garments.

100% Cotton Pajama

organic cotton is more respectful of the baby’s delicate skin, especially when it comes to pajamas, a garment is worn for several hours, every night.

 Electric Breast Pump for Double Pumping

It is necessary for practically 100% of mothers to practice breastfeeding several times a day.

Electric Breast Pump can produce more milk in less time and deliver the milk you need to provide for your baby even when you’re not there.

pelvic floor exerciser 

it helps to perform Kegel exercises correctly when connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, with an App that updates automatically and helps the new mom strengthen her pelvic floor which can safely and effectively reduce incontinence & vaginal prolapse.

Walking shoe

With a newborn baby, it’s best to have a closed-toe walking shoe, which is very important to avoid tripping, with a non-slip rubber sole, and an inner leather lining that keeps the foot’s a great gift for new moms

 Bunting Bag

if Keep your baby warm and cozy and protect him from Cold and Winter and it can use with car seats and allows baby’s back to rest directly on the back of the car seat

Electric Fireplace

if you want to give a present to a woman who becomes a new mom in the winter so probably, this should be a perfect gift for her. enjoy a perfect evening with a warm cup of cocoa and this modern designed fireplace.

roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

we know that the new moms spend many hours sitting, sleeping the baby, cuddling and breastfeeding so she doesn’t have time to clean the house. This Robotic vacuum cleaner will help her a lot.

Kindle Paperwhite

can be held and turned with one hand, unlike a conventional book, and does not need the light of a bulb if we want to read at night, for example during a shot, because the display is backlit

Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed

a crib is an essential item of nursery furniture.  As the baby grows, this crib can be converted for use as a toddler bed or a daybed. With the conversion kit, it becomes a full-sized bed.

Contoured Changing Pad 

it’s a good idea to have extra pads in the house, it perfect for use in homes, daycares, schools, or anywhere else a sudden changed is needed

baby carrier

This baby carrier keeps baby ergonomically seated in all carrying positions (front-outward, front- inward, hip and back carry and designed to fit all types of parents. It easily adjusts to fit multiple wearers from petite to larger body types

Angelcare Video Baby Monitor

Keep a watchful eye on your baby without opening the door or turning on the light The display screen will auto-wakes and alerts when the baby cries or some higher decibel happen, so if something’s up with baby, mom will be the first to know, and also the video monitor can even stream video in the dark,

What are great gifts for new moms? What do new moms need?

1. Time and rest

Yeah, it’s that simple. Time and rest was mentioned by many mothers. Some just want to have time for themselves and understand that they just want to be there for their baby the first days. Others don’t mind visitors, but would like to have presents that give them time and peace. So let us summarize:

  • Understanding for NOT annoying with visits during the first days
  • and if you do: just stop by, be prepared for chaos and do not expect any food
  • unsolicited help, without the right to see the child
  • Vouchers for domestic help: Cooking, cleaning, washing, cleaning the kitchen, window cleaning
  • Coupons for baby walks
  • Babysitting of the big child (if there are siblings)
  • Shopping service
  • Voucher delivery service
  • Support of the father, so that he can be with the baby

2. Relaxation, care, and health

A new mom is anything but fit. She needs to recover and do some straightening up. Because such a birth and the first days and weeks with baby are no bed of roses. Every mother is therefore happy about a little pampering.

Besides the classic beauty products, a mobile hairdresser who makes house calls is worth its weight in gold. Because only very few have time to get to the hairdresser. The same goes for a nice massage.

3. Advice

Most mothers are insecure. Especially with the first child, everything is new. They are dependent on support. Some mothers would have liked to have a competent midwife after the birth, who will help you with advice and support.

Unfortunately this was apparently not always the case. And unfortunately, this is also a wish that is difficult to fulfil as a gift. Nevertheless it is listed here. The point Advice is supplemented by carrying advice, i.e. a consultation about the possibilities of carrying a baby.

4. Dispersion

Some new mothers who get bored in the first weeks because their baby sleeps so much. Here are a few things listed that will bring some distraction, either to curb the boredom or just to take your mind off things.

  • Gossip newspapers, or a newspaper subscription
  • Netflix subscription (for the first child)
  • eReader (filled with great books)
  • Sport voucher
  • Shopping voucher for the new figure
  • Wellness voucher for a day WITHOUT a baby

6. For the soul

And finally, we must not forget the comforters that make the heart of baby blues beat faster:

Chocolate, sweets, cookies, cakes (in short: SUGAR !!!)Matjes, raw milk cheese, Camembert, coffee beans (Explanation: everything you shouldn’t eat during pregnancy, or only in moderation)