30 Funny New Dad Gifts That Would Make Him Pee His Pants

Children are the miracle of life. The pregnancy and finally, the birth of one’s child is an indescribable feeling for parents and is a great event to celebrate.

That is why we would like to present some Funny New Dad Gifts, but also practical gift ideas for expectant fathers

No matter if it’s the husband, best buddy or colleague, the right gift should be included

I would, therefore, like to give you some funny gag gifts and suggestions on how you too can bring joy to your new dad – and give him the feeling that he also has achieved something remarkable.

so In the following, I have collected 30 meaningful and Funny New Dad Gifts

Funny New Dad Gifts
Funny New Dad Gifts

Emergency Survival Kits

New dad should always be prepared for emergencies. He never knows what might happen.

Especially suddenly and acutely, the famous Staff Emergency Treat Pack can break out with all of us.

It comes with six individual brand candies that symbolize the verses of appreciation on the accompanying full-color gift card.

Pacifier in an emergency box

We can’t have a list of best funny new dad gifts without adding a gag Pacifier

Even if you don’t know so much about babies, you have already noticed one thing: Newborns can get pretty loud when something doesn’t go according to plan!

So it is not always easy for the new dad who is tired and can hardly stand on her feet and need a little encouragement in the form of this funny gag gifts.

Head Massager Scalp

it’s a great gag gift for expecting dad who is a little stressed

Just take this cool device in your hand and put it on your head. Then slowly up and down

Yes, we still talk about the head! But the tingling is incredible! Far too seldom, we get head massages. Every week a hairdresser is too expensive.

But that’s why we have these awesome funny new dad gifts now!

scratch calendar Whiteboard

The scratch calendar is a Funny New Dad Gifts who can hardly wait for their child to see

Pregnancy is a unique event, which prospective parents should enjoy to the fullest. But unfortunately, you have to wait several months until the day of birth.

So the calendar is a great funny gag gift for prospective parents, which gives helpful tips and information about pregnancy.

Create a 3D exact replica of baby’s hands, feet 

Babies are so cute, no question. But it is a little bit a pity that there are no babies left.

Therefore it makes sense to capture the sweet charm of a baby as a memory.

And how do you do that best? Of course, with a 3D baby plaster cast set! This set will provide a sweet memory of the time when the baby was still cute and cuddly even years later!

funny mug –  I’m a Dad Superpower

We’re sure you can see why this coffee mug would make a fun gift idea for the new Dad.

the background is designed in a typical comic layout and thematizes the morning ritual from waking up to breakfast.

With this funny mug, there is no need for any more words, because the message is clear and is conveyed in the coolest way possible!

Dad You Can Do This Bodysuit

New dads are usually very happy when one of the baby’s clothes is dedicated to them! 

If he hasn’t been around babies much, this is the perfect funny gag gifts for the dad-to-be

Funny Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

If you’re looking for funny new dad gifts that will be a hit at the baby shower and make everyone laugh

get one of these funny Daddy’s diapers with everything a freshly baked dad needs to change diapers.

So that he can later take care of the baby perfectly

The Mustachifier

You really can’t go wrong with the funny pacifier. It is cheap, funny and ensures that the parents will remember you for a long time.

The baby is happy with its pacifier and the parents also have something to laugh about

Batman Dad

Also a very funny t-shirt as a gift for future dads

is a perfect gag gift for the new Dad who doesn’t mind declaring his status as a new awesome Dad

Funny Bodysuit Baby Romper

We continue this list of funny new dad gifts with a Baby romper: “My Hero Wears Scrubs I Call Him Daddy”.

The best baby romper guaranteed for the proud dad

it not only makes the baby happy but also the parents. In any case, it will make you laugh.

Survival Kit for expectant dad

New Dad Survival Kit is the funny baby shower gifts for dad that will be very useful

in this Survival Dad Box, he’ll have everything he needs to rock his new role as the handy dad

it is a funny gag gift, which is guaranteed to be well received

Funny New Dad Parenting Advice and Technique

is a guidebook for all important questions that new dad have to face.

This funny gag gift for expecting dad will get a good laugh when he recognizes that the best thing is to just relax. After all, everything is going to work out.

Funny Apron for New Dad

A great gag gift that will snatch his smile on the day of his party.

Equipped with Adjustable neck and extra long back ties fit men of all sizes and comfortable pockets for everything.

It is essential to face long days with the little one!

funny Pizza Pie & Slice Dad

An adorable matching clothing set for the pizza lover’s new dad and baby.

The Cute pizza slice outfits will make all family smile wherever he takes his little bundle of joy.

Daddy is My Hero bodysuit

Help the baby to tell his daddy how much he loves him, with these funny baby shower gifts for dad. ,

Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors

Personalized Bodysuit

We continue this list of funny new dad gifts with Baby Girl & Boy Personalized Bodysuit

Very nice 100% cotton baby bodysuit, available in different colors and personalized with the writing you want!

It will be an adorable and funny baby shower gift that will surely be appreciated by any new mom and new dad.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Very Funny Baby Shower gift idea for Daddy-to-be, He better be prepared to change the baby’s poopy diaper

A fantastic gift that will bring a smile to expecting dad

funny mug for New dad

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get dads to wake up with a big smile every morning. 

The Only The Best Dads Get Promoted To Grandpas Coffee Mug makes it easy for you.

it’s the best novelty gag gifts you can get for the new Dad

funny Taco & Taquito Bodysuit

If the new dad is a taco lover, he’ll love this matching clothing set for the taco lover dad and his small taco son or daughter.

It is a lovely, personalized, and funny gag gift to give this year to your partner, your brother, or a friend. he’ll be surprised for sure.

Remember that the brand has many other models and colors to choose from.

The Baby Owner’s Manual

One of our favorite funny new dad gifts For those new dads who ask you, “What’s wrong with the baby now?”

Just when it seems that the parents have mastered the way the baby works, suddenly everything goes wrong: tantrums, rejection, meaningless crying.

With humor and fun illustrations, daddies can follow simple instructions to deal with the doubts that arise in the care of the children.

Custom Face Socks

Want to put a little humor into your gift? Then bet on giving expectant dad these fun socks.

If you’re tired of the new dad is a serious person and want to see his fun side, this funny gag gift will help you do it.

Why should dads get a Funny New Dad Gifts?

There are two big reasons: Fathers can be pregnant too. They can have the same symptoms, fears, nausea, mood swings, depression, as pregnant women.

It’s called “Couvade Syndrome,” and it’s not to be underestimated – unfortunately, it’s often not noticed.

That is why expecting dad can also have gone through quite a lot. Even without depression, they had to put up with their wife, helplessly watching their pregnant lover flailing around with her moods. The women receive gifts for pregnancy. Men should get some as well.

But there is another reason why we must give funny gag gifts to the father-to-be: Because they’re going to be IGNORED for the next few years.

First, the baby is greeted. You make yourself a clown or monkey and try to make the little plug laugh. Then the mum is greeted: “How are you? Is he sleeping through? Is he breastfeeding okay?”

How do I choose the right funny new dad gifts?

Finding a funny new dad gift is one thing, but finding the gift for a man who just became a father is trickier. It’s a unique and intimate moment, everyone experiences it differently, and not everyone expects the same attention.

Whether you’re thinking of a big gift made in a group or smaller attention, we will help you find the inspiration and funny gag gifts for expecting dads.

1.doting father

This type of dad is so happy to have a baby that his whole universe will revolve around his new child.

The gift idea of the humorous mug or customizable objects, aprons, cutting boards, knives, towels, is always nice. For example, you can buy a set of bath towels for him and his baby that you can have personalized with their first names or other funny nicknames.

We assume that the father-to-be will have to change a lot of diapers, so give him a funny changing bag for men. It will look more like a classic men’s bag, but with everything you need inside for changing an infant.

2.The sporty dad

He will be particularly fond of practical objects for everyday use, such as a carrying sling for hiking or a 3-wheeled stroller for rollerblading.

If dad likes to travel, give him a “pop-up” bed, they are light and practical so he can put it anywhere and don’t forget these gifts should be a funny gag gifts.

Finding gift ideas for an athlete is not the most difficult task. Depending on the sport or hobby he or she practices, you can adapt any product with humor and creativity.

Just being able to personalize everything makes the job easier. For example, a father who plays golf can have his golf balls printed with his son’s or daughter’s name.

3.The Connected Daddy

Welcoming a newborn into the family is an event that may change our ultra-connected daddy a little. He’ll have less time to spend on his computer screens, tablets or other things.

On the other hand, nothing prevents us from finding the great and funny baby shower gifts for dad.

to facilitate his new lifestyle. Every day, as the world is modernizing, new and original items are being created, which will make our job a lot easier.

4.The green dad

Give him a funny plants or a tree to plant in the garden in the year of his birth. This way, the tree will be the living memory of this memorable year.

We know that wearing a wrap allows for more natural contact. The expecting father will be able to establish a connection (already established with the mother at birth).

In addition, he will have his hands free to help the mother in her many tasks. The little extra: the baby sling will help with weight training. Great news, if Dad didn’t have time to work out.