The most unique and perfect Push Present Ideas for Mom To Make Her Feel Special

What is a push present for mom?

The push present ideas for mom trend straight from the United States is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Its a gift given by new dad to a new mom to congratulate her on her pregnancy and childbirth.

Push gifts are also becoming more common among friends and relatives. It can take the form of a piece of jewellery, a souvenir or a moment for two, but it’s the attention that counts. And we think it’s an excellent push present ideas!

best push present ideas for mom
best push present ideas for mom

Diamond Mom and Child Heart

A Lovely Mother and Child Diamond Heart Pendant set in Sterling Silver is the perfect embodiment of classic style.
Unique design, luxury diamond are the combination that will suit a new mom, emphasizing her beauty and refined taste.

Beauty Sleep Pillow

How many sleepless nights she has to worry about – don’t count! Health is the main resource that must be taken care of at any age. And the push gifts that help in this will always be relevant.

Beauty Sleep pillow is a stylish and practical gift that will take care of good sleep and beauty of a young mother.

Electric Food Steamer

A steamer is a great Push Present Ideas for Mom; Modern steamer can replace in the kitchen many familiar items for cooking, and useful. And it is so important for a young mom!

Spa Gift Baskets

Young mom will be very happy to receive this spa basket, Beloved Lavender Essential Oil & Roman Chamomile.
Luxurious Shampoo, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Bath Caviar, Handmade Soap, all in beloved Lavender scent, the best push present for mom

Bath Salt

How often do you experience stress, fatigue, insomnia? Do you want to get rid of it forever? Bath salts are a great push present ideas for mom who want to normalize her body.

Salt is enriched with magnesium, which is incredibly useful for strengthening bones and brain function.


Personalized Necklace with baby’s name

it’s a sweet and memorable push present for mom; it can be personalized with the date of birth, the baby’s first name, or even with a lovely message.

Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

the new moms spend many hours sitting, sleeping the baby, cuddling and in each breastfeeding so she needs a rocking chair that will relieve back and waist fatigue effectively and bring an ultimate massage experience.

it comes with a remote control which allows you to determine the massaging mode, zone, time and intensity at your will.

comfortable pajama set

The first few days after birth are usually quite exhausting for the mother, who is recovering and caring for her baby. At this time, the new mother is going to spend many hours at home,

Therefore, a good Push Present Ideas for Mom is comfortable pyjamas, with which the new mother can feel relaxed.

Sweatshirt for new mom

After giving birth, a new mom needs comfortable and pretty clothes.
offer her this Sweatshirt which she will be able to put on quickly while feeling beautiful.

Baby Handprint & Footprint Picture Frame

What could be more precious to a new mom than baby’s first little footprints and handprints? Not much. Turn them into a push present ideas in the form of a custom piece of artwork

new mom and new baby gift set  

This push present idea is ideal for the new mom who wants to adopt a natural and complete facial ritual.

it Includes a :
1- four Newborn Salve,
2- All Purpose Salve,
3- two Ultra Healing Body Butter for stretch marks and dry skin,
4- Vanilla and Unscented Lip Balms,

5- Postpartum Balancer organic herbal tea including herbs blended to help promote postpartum recovery and hormone balance made by a local midwife,
6- BirthPartnersTea.

Walking shoe

With a newborn baby, it’s best to have a closed-toe walking shoe, which is very important to avoid tripping, with a non-slip rubber sole, and an inner leather lining that keeps the foot’s a great push present ideas for mom

  MAMAN bag

All women love handbags. For the push present ideas, give her high fashion and high function rating bag, very practical for all family outings.

An essential gift for storing everything she needs: changing mat, bottle, drinks, cell phones, wallets, keys…
it has 10 pockets that will fit all mom essentials

Electric Fireplace

The best push present ideas for mom in the winter

She will enjoy watching her favourite tv show with a warm cup of tea or cocoa in her warm house

roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

we know that the new moms spend many hours sitting, sleeping the baby, cuddling and breastfeeding so she doesn’t have time to clean the house. This Robotic vacuum cleaner will help her a lot.

Kindle Paperwhite

it will help the new mom a lot
can be held and turned with one hand, unlike a conventional book,
and does not need the light of a bulb if the young mom wants to read at night, for example during a shot, because the display is backlit

 baby food maker

Babycook Plus is the best baby food maker machine, helping the new mom Prepare fruits, vegetables, meat or fish from raw to any stage baby food in just 15 minutes or less

Contoured Changing Pad 

it’s a good idea to have extra pads in the house, it perfect for use in homes, daycares, schools, or anywhere else a sudden changed is needed

baby carrier

This baby carrier keeps baby ergonomically seated in all carrying positions (front-outward, front- inward, hip and back carry and designed to fit all types of parents. It easily adjusts to fit multiple wearers from petite to larger body types

Angelcare Video Baby Monitor

Keep a watchful eye on your baby without opening the door or turning on the light The display screen will auto-wakes and alerts when the baby cries or some higher decibel happen,

so if something’s up with baby, mom will be the first to know, and also the video monitor can even stream video in the dark,

Electric breast pump

An electric breast pump is an ideal solution for new mothers who pump several times a day and who seek maximum ease of use at the touch of a button.

This breast pump features a unique design that allows milk to flow directly from your breast to the bottle, even when sitting upright.
This means that you can sit more comfortably while the milk is being extracted without having to lean forward to let the milk flow into the bottle.

Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Sterilization allows you to protect your baby against germs and bacteria until his immune system is strong enough.

It sterilizes by natural steam without the need to add any chemical additives.

t kills 99.9% in 8 Minutes There is no need to continuously monitor the sterilization process (it switches off automatically).

12 h of protection: the objects remain disinfected if the lid remains closed. The sterilizer is also compatible with most bottles, breast pumps and accessories on the market.

When should you buy a push present?

1. push present for mom Before childbirth

You can offer push present for mom as early as the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. Indeed, in France, offering a push gift before childbirth brings bad luck according to certain beliefs.

That said, those who do not attach importance to this superstition will see no harm in looking for the best push present ideas for mom.
It can be a push present for the baby or a push gift for the mother. Alternatively, you may want to buy something that will be used for both.

2. push present for mom after childbirth

The best push present ideas for mom after childbirth is a sure thing. At least you will have the chance to refer to the birth list established by the parents. Thanks to this list, you will have less trouble looking for the ideal push present ideas.

Should I get my wife a push present?

While the presence of the father during childbirth and the first few moments together are the greatest push gift, many new moms receive a gift from their partner after childbirth.

Indeed, a tradition from the United States is that the new dad gives a push present to the new mother to thank her for carrying her child for 9 months and facing the birth.

So definitely yes, your Pregnant wife should get the best push presents.

What do you give for a push present?

other best push present ideas for mom :


The pregnancy lasts 9 months but passes so quickly in the end. Offering the new mom a pregnancy photo session with a professional photographer means giving her beautiful photos of her pregnant and a great souvenir.
It’s a good push present ideas that will create unforgettable memories.


When you’re pregnant, you’re more prone to fatigue, stress, etc. The idea of the massage is to offer the young mom a moment of absolute relaxation. Let yourself go for an hour. There are different types of massages: face, body, foot, tonic, soft, etc…

On the other hand, take care to choose a special massage for pregnant women because some are not allowed or even forbidden because they can be harmful to the baby.

So make sure that the masseur/masseuse is competent in this field.


Pregnancy and motherhood when it’s your first child is a total immersion in the unknown, and it can sometimes be scary. Giving a pregnant mom a book as a push present on motherhood that explains with humour how to be a totally imperfect but 100% happy mother is going to be extremely pleasurable.

4-A hairdresser’s appointment

A hairdresser’s appointment is a push present idea that you can regularly give to your new mom to make her feel beautiful. Just like a treatment at the beauticians or a manicure … think about it, it’s simple, and it always feels good ;-).


A young mother is a woman who likes to be pampered. Offering a beautician at home (not even the need to travel, because yes at 5 or 6 months of pregnancy it starts to weigh) is always pleasant and appreciated.


Doing sports when you are pregnant is not easy and is sometimes not recommended for certain sports. For sporty moms, prenatal swimming lessons, also known as prenatal gym or birth preparation classes,

can be a good solution. Because of the water, the weight to be carried is greatly reduced and therefore, it helps to relieve back pain.

It remains a good sport, especially in hot weather and can be practiced for several months during pregnancy.


Because a little relaxation can’t hurt and quite the opposite, in fact. Offering a yoga session is a good push present ideas for mom means offering her a moment of absolute relaxation.

Offering her a moment of her own and a quiet moment will be extremely beneficial for the baby and the pregnancy.